Woman claims sex assault at Hardberger Park

Sex attack reported at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday

By David Ibanez - Web - Managing Editor, Mary Claire Patton - Digital Content Curator

SAN ANTONIO - A woman claimed she was sexually assaulted Tuesday morning at Hardberger Park, police said.

The woman, 27, said the attack happened around 9:30 a.m., a police detective at the scene said.

The victim stated that she was jogging when an unknown white male grabbed her from behind and pulled her into some bushes where he assaulted her. 

Police searched the area for a man and collected evidence from an SUV.

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Here are some safety tips provided by SAPD:

1. Go with a buddy. Enjoy your trails and parklands with a friend. Two or more trail users can assist each other in the event of accident or injury, and one can always seek help.
2. The day is your friend. It's better to avoid dusk and darkness.
3. Use all your senses. Listen for suspicious noises. Don't wear headphones; they impair your ability to hear someone approaching you from behind. If you sense that an area may be unsafe for you, leave.
4. Take what you need. Carry personal identification, a fully charged cellphone and wear your medical bracelets.
5. Leave valuables at home. If you must leave valuables in your vehicle while you are enjoying your picnic lunch or using the trails, hide them well before you arrive at the parking area; auto burglaries are all too common.
6. Call for help. If you need assistance or encounter someone else needing assistance in the District, call 911.
7. Have someone waiting. Always let someone else know where you will be going and when you will return, and instruct him or her to call 911 if you do not return as planned.
8. Attire. Don’t wear any expensive jewelry.
9. Tools. If you feel comfortable carrying pepper spray, that can also be a tool of defense. Make sure you do research prior to purchasing.
10. Own the trail. Project alertness, confidence, and determination. Your shoulders are back, you are aware of your surroundings, and you have somewhere to go.


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