Mother wages personal battle against opioid epidemic

Becky Savage loses two sons to overdose

By Garrett Brnger - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Just a few hours before Bexar County announced the filing of a lawsuit against several pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, Becky Savage was taking the stage to talk about her own encounter with the opioid epidemic.

For nearly three years, the Indiana mother has been dealing with the loss of her 19-year-old and 18-year-old sons, Nick and Jack Savage. 

Savage said the boys were drinking at some graduation parties one night in June 2015, when someone offered them prescription pills.

"The next morning, I found them both unresponsive, and they had both passed away in their sleep as an overdose," Savage said.

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As Bexar County attempts to fight pharmaceutical companies in court for "causing and contributing to an epidemic of opioid addiction in Bexar County," families across the nation are waging their personal battles against the epidemic.

"To say that our two older sons died of an overdose is something that we never thought we would ever say," Savage said. "It's devastating. It still is. It's still something I think about every second of every day."

In 2015, 124 people died of opioid overdoses in Bexar County. 

The loss of her sons drove Savage to create the 525 Foundation in their memory. 

Savage was in San Antonio on Wednesday to speak at the Laurel Ridge Treatment Center's Hope Rises Behavioral Health Conference.

She is determined not to let her boys' stories end with the overdose.

"I'm going to talk about prevention and awareness and education and use their story to change the course of other people's lives," Savage said.

Savage said she hasn't given much thought to Bexar County's lawsuit, but thinks all parties should be examined for possible wrongdoing.

"Obviously, if there was some malicious intent somewhere, then hopefully justice will be served," Savage said. "If not, hopefully it's a learning experience for people. If anything, it's bringing awareness to the issue, right?"

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