Pet makeovers gaining in popularity

Angie's List: Pros offering unconventional styling methods

You have your style, but what about your pets?

Unique makeovers for your furry friend that are sure to attract attention are catching on nationwide. While your pet can get a traditional spa treatment almost anywhere, many pros now offer some unconventional styling methods.

“Today we’re finding more and more trends toward groomers being much more extravagant, it’s not just a basic shampoo and trim and a collar around their neck. It is a lot more these days,” Angie’s List founder Angie Hicks says.

Furr Pet Spa and Wellness services include baths with aloe and oatmeal shampoo, a blow-dry and brush-out, and nail and ear care. But its Pop of Color add-on, using vegan-based Manic Panic paint, really makes a splash.

“It’s really fun. I recommend it just to try it,” says Furr Pet Spa’s Ashley Wiley. “We’ve done everything from ears to tails, to designs like Valentine’s Day we do hearts, on St. Patrick’s Day we do four-leaf clovers, so we get creative with it.”


Nails also get the glam treatment.

“We’ve got a pet-friendly nail polish that we use, that way if dogs chew at their nails and chip it off, it’s not toxic,” Wiley says. “We can do anything. We’ve done a basic color, we’ve done basic color with polka dots.”

There are plenty of eye-catching haircuts as well, like Mohawks, lion cuts and boot cuts.

“A lot of clients like to show off their pet, and the walk down the street and kind of spikes interest and conversation, so it makes it fun,” Wiley says.

Angie says regardless of the pet services you require, make sure you check reviews to find a quality provider.