No horsing around: animal gets stuck in oil vat

Animal Control able to save horse


ATASCOSA COUNTY, Texas – Atascosa County Animal Control workers got a rather unusual call on Friday night. First responders were able to save a horse stuck in a vat of oil.  

Animal Control officers released these pictures that showed the entire rescue.  

They said they got the call to help with the horse, which was up to its neck in an oil overflow vat.

The horse was able to keep its head above the oil by hanging onto the ledge with its front hooves.

Crews worked quickly to put a halter on the animal to keep it from sinking.

They were able to get the horse out of the slippery situation, using a rope and a plank of wood. The animal has been cleaned up by its owner and is doing OK.

Animal Control said its officers have been in contact with the oil company about the danger of the vat.

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