21 pacifiers removed from dog's stomach in Oklahoma

Dovey makes full recovery after surgery at Gentle Care Animal Hospital

This X-ray shows Dovey's stomach full of pacifiers. (Gentle Care Animal Hospital)

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – An Oklahoma veterinarian removed 21 baby pacifiers from a dog's stomach last week.

Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Edmund, Oklahoma, shared the story on Facebook.

A couple who had recently had a baby kept wondering what was happening to all of their child's pacifiers. Then one day the baby's grandmother noticed the couple's dog, Dovey, grab a pacifier off a counter, according to KFOR-TV, the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City.

Dovey hadn't been eating as much recently and vomited a little phlegm, so the couple took the dog to Gentle Care Animal Hospital.

Initially, veterinarians believed the dog had eaten seven to nine pacifiers, but they were wrong.

Veterinarians removed a total of 21 pacifiers from Dovey's stomach during surgery.

"Well … by the end of surgery we had pulled 21 out of her stomach," the Facebook post said.

Dovey has since made a full recovery and will get to spend the holidays at home with her family.

"They are a one-pacifier family now," a front desk manager, who identified herself only as Whitney, told Local10.com.