Homelessness becoming a bigger topic for royal wedding than dress or guests

Attempt to clear homeless from Windsor streets has created an outcry

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Is this a coincidence, or what? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen the homeless organization Crisis as one of the seven charities to which wedding guests can make donations in lieu of wedding gifts.

And in recent months, homelessness has been a very talked-about issue in Windsor, the town where the wedding will take place.

One can argue it’s been a hotter topic than what dress Markle will wear or what guests will be invited, and the big day itself could lead to homelessness being out in the forefront more than ever imagined.

A Facebook-event called “Royal Sleepover” has been created, with more than 1,000 people responding, saying they will join homeless the night before the May 19 wedding, by resting in sleeping bags just outside Windsor Castle to support the transient population.

On the day of the wedding, another Facebook event called “No Jacket Required” has been created, where a people are encouraged to “come as you are” near the site of the wedding and protest homelessness.

On Twitter, more support is being directed toward the homeless with a #RoyalSleepover hashtag.

So, how did this firestorm get started? Let’s go back to just before the ball dropped to start 2018.

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