Local Bakery offers its version of the royal wedding cake

Meghan Markle chose a lemon elderflower cake


SAN ANTONIO – All eyes across the globe are focused on the impending royal wedding. Even here in South Texas people are getting in the wedding spirit.

Let’s talk cake. What kind of cake did Meghan Markle request of her pastry chef?

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An elderflower lemon cake.

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Apparently elderflower is a liquor that is popular in Europe that pairs well with citrus flavors, hence the lemon cake. 

"It has just a little sweetness. It's real nice and floral. It's like a honeysuckle kind of flower to it," said Amanda Berry, co-owner of Betty Jane's Bakeshoppe.


Berry says since the news broke about the type of cake that would be served at the royal wedding, they've had several calls requesting it. 

You can check out the bakery at http://www.bettyjanesbakeshoppe.com/.

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