RECIPE: Two Thousand year old Roman Recipes

Recipes provided by Junior Classical League

By Selena Ortegon - SA Live Intern

SAN ANTONIO - The Junior Classical League stopped by to give SA Live some information on their organization to help promote and preserve the study of Latin. They also left us with two thousand year old recipes! 

Cato’s recipe for an Olive Brushetta (It was called Epityrum in Latin.)                                      
-      Chop black and green olives
-      Mix with olive oil, cumin, coriander, fennel, & pennyroyal.
-      Serve with soft cheese and bread*.
 Apicius’ recipe for carrots with cumin.  
-  Cut carrots and fry them with cumin in a little olive oil.
Apicius’ recipe for melon marinade.   
- Blend honey and vinegar
- Keep cut up melon in this marinade to add flavor and keep it fresh.
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