Simple Pin Boards to Keep You Organized

A fun and easy Fall project!

Looking for a quick and easy Fall project?

All you need is:

  • foam insulation
  • fabric
  • duct tape.

The foam insulation sheets come in 4 ft by 8 ft pieces. You could cut it to any shape or use two to make an 8×8 square. Then use a straight edge guide and utility, craft or serrated knife to cut the board as cleanly as possible.


Lay out your (wrinkle free!) fabric out, right-side down and make sure you're centered and the pattern (if there is one) is straight. The foam doesn't hold staples well, you can pin the fabric down in a few places and then, working from opposite sides, start tightening and taping. You can always use Duct tape.


Because the board is so lightweight, you can use a hot glue and some ribbon on the back to create a hanger, and then duct taped over the glue to make it more secure. Then just hang it up like a picture!


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