Symptoms of Retinal Detachment & Preventing Blindness

SAN ANTONIO – Blurred vision is just one symptom of retinal detachment, which can lead to blindness.

Retinal detachment can happen to anyone, and that’s why the San Antonio Eye Center is opening up the discussion about symptoms and treatments.

Dr. Gawain Dyer, vitreoretinal surgeon with the San Antonio Eye Center, said symptoms include blurred vision and flashing lights, which he describes as fireworks going off.

“Your eye, your retina, doesn’t have any pain receptors,” Dyer said. “What it has is photo receptors. So if something tugs, pulls or pinches the retina, you’re going to see a flashing light, because those little tiny photo receptors are going to go off.”

The surgery to reattach the retina is called a vitrectomy.

Without surgery, Dyer said there is a likely chance of blindness.

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