Secure a good night's sleep on Christmas Eve

SAN ANTONIO – One thing we all need on Christmas Eve is a good night’s sleep. If you have sleep apnea, you might not be getting those eight hours of sleep you need per night.

Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing at night. This can cause headaches, difficulty staying asleep, and snoring.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it could be an indicator of other health problems. “It affects your heart, your brain, your kidneys, just your overall well-being,” Dr. Shad Morris, with Premier Sleep Solutions, said.

Premier Sleep Solutions offers an alternative to the CPAP machine. This oral appliance looks similar to a tooth-whitening tray and is easy to use. You can even eat and drink while wearing it.

This device works by opening up the airway in the back of the throat, which makes it easier to breathe at night.

“It stops your snoring and decreases the chances that you stop breathing at night,” Morris explained.

If you have any signs or symptoms of sleep apnea, call Premier Sleep Solutions at 210-460-1111 or visit PremierSleepSolutions.com.