How to Prepare for Daylight Saving

SAN ANTONIO – Daylight Savings is almost upon us! This Sunday, we’ll “spring forward,” which also means losing an hour of sleep.

An hour doesn’t seem like much, but your body will take some time to adjust to the time change.

“Studies show that one hour affects you for at least a week,” explained Claudia Macias, a pharmacist at Sam’s Club. “It throws off your mental health, your alertness, and also your overall health.”

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for the time change now. Going to bed a little earlier on Friday and Saturday will help you get a kick start on Daylight Savings time.

Eating a healthy diet and drinking water can help your body adjust to the time change more quickly.

Even after you have adjusted to the time change, it’s important to keep up these healthy habits. Make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast, get enough sleep, and don’t forget that multivitamin!

As we prepare our bodies to spring forward an hour, it’s also a good time to monitor the rest of your health.

Sam’s Club is offering health screenings to both members and non-members this Saturday, March 12th, from 11 AM – 4 PM. This 15-minute assessment includes vision and hearing screenings, Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, and more.

For more information about the screenings or to learn more about choosing healthy foods or pharmacy items, visit Sam's Club