Clinical trial calls for participants to find cure for Alzheimer's Disease

SAN ANTONIO – With no prevention and no cure, many people’s lives have been affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Harry Croft, an expert on Alzheimer’s, said that more is being discovered about the disease every day.

“We’re looking for volunteers who want to make a difference in their own disease, as well as maybe helping others,” Dr. Croft said.

He said clinical trials, like the one for Steadfast, are essential in developing new treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Steadfast is looking for people over 50 who have already been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and are taking medication for it.

Volunteers should be willing to try a new medication to see if the disease’s progression can be slowed.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include problems with memory, concentration, personality, and more. 

The disease most commonly affects the elderly, aged 65 and up.

For more information about Steadfast, or if you are interested in participating in this clinical trial, visit or call (210) 949-0122.