Local program guarantees 20 lb. weight loss and the support to keep it off

SAN ANTONIO – NutriMost San Antonio is a local program that guarantees the safe and effective weight loss of 20 pounds.

Weight loss expert Robert Vasquez explained how the program works.

“We do specific testing to see exactly what it is that person needs,” Vasquez said.

He said that after looking into health history, eating habits, and more, Nutrimost San Antonio creates a customized weight-loss program for each patient.

According to Vasquez, the NutriMost program encourages people to eat healthy, wholesome foods, instead of pre-packaged foods.

“We know that real food has the nutrients and the enzymes that our body needs."

NutriMost San Antonio provides support and education about weight loss so that when you lose the weight you are able to keep it off.

Call (844) 505-8446 and mention SA Live to receive a $99 consultation for only $27.

For more information about NutriMost San Antonio, visit www.210FatLoss.com