How to prepare for a marathon

SAN ANTONIO – The Rock ‘n Roll Marathon is this weekend, and Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians has some tips on how to be prepared both before and after the race.

Dr. Colin Meyer, an emergency medicine physician with GSEP and a marathon runner, suggested resting during the week before the race.

“Get a lot of sleep, eat well, and then you’ll be ready to do a good job,” Dr. Meyer said. 

On the night before the race, he says it’s okay to eat some carbs to build up your energy.

“A pasta dinner the night before is a good idea, but don’t eat too much."

When race day arrives, Meyer recommends that you stick to your routine.

He says to wear clothing that you’re used to, and not to try out new running shoes.

For more information about how to prepare for a marathon, visit www.GSEPEM.com or call 210-575-4444.