Keep your home cool, comfortable in Texas heat

SAN ANTONIO – It's heating up in South Texas, and making sure air-conditioning units are working is many people's top priority. 

Pat Beyer, vice president of Beyer Boys, said air-conditioning maintenance is just like maintaining your vehicle.

“It’s just like your car. You have your oil changed, you have your filters changed, you have your tires checked, same thing with air-conditioning unit.”

Beyer Boys recommends that you have your unit checked twice per year.

“Heating system checked one time, air-conditioning checked the other time,” Beyer said.

After the winter season, pollen, dust, and other particles accumulate on your unit’s coils.

Beyer recommends having your unit serviced and cleaned, because air cannot circulate properly with a dirty unit.

“The way the unit works is it sucks air through those coils, to change the temperature of the refrigerant to send it back into the house,” Beyer said.

Beyer Boys offer a variety of services for your home, including the Comfort Plan.

“Twice a year, we’ll come out and check your unit,” Beyer said.

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