The Dr. Is In: Finding a work life balance

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SAN ANTONIO – Dr. Laura Tenner, with UT Health San Antonio, is combining two of her passions to create a balance between her personal and professional life.

“The passion for science and medicine and the passion for singing are two very different things,” said Tenner.

But Tenner says the passion for those two different things both started at a very early age.

“When I was young,  back in high school and in college I would participate in the choirs and competitive singing groups,” said Tenner. “It was a release for me, it was to kind of switch off the science and medicine part of my brain and be able to balance my life a little bit better.”

She says she’s found community with her fellow choir members at St. Matthews Church, and also in her workplace, UT Health San Antonio.

“Everything from the nurses to the staff to the administration to my patients… it’s almost like we make a family.”

To learn more about the community at UT Health San Antonio, visit or call (210) 450-9000. 

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