How to shed pounds without going to the gym, just in time for the holidays!

SliMedica guarantees you will lose 4 inches in your first 2 weeks

SAN ANTONIO – Are you tired of spending hours in the gym and seeing no results?

There is a way to shed pounds without the stress of relying on a gym to do the work.

Don't worry you can lose weight and focus on what makes you happy in your free time with Slimedica.

Losing weight without going to the gym? Is this real life?! Sign me up! 

SliMedica is here to help you gain back your confidence with their weight-loss program.

"It's not a one size fits all program," SliMedica, Patient Counselor, Alexandrah Castillo said. "It's tailored for each individual patient. We start by customizing the diet. We include prescription medications to help with appetite suppression, that way the diet won't be that hard."

What is SliMedica?

SliMedica is a medical clinic that gives their customers a total transformation service to address each concern you may have about your achieve your weight loss goals.

Not only does SliMedica have a Zerona Laser weight loss treatment, there is tight sculpting, facial services and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy available. 

Patients have drastic results

SliMedica said their patients usually lose .5 to 1lb a day, and they guarantee you will lose 4 inches in the first two weeks of their program.

SliMedica's Secret

The key to SliMedica's success for their patients is using a combination of medication with a Zerona Laser weight loss technology.

The laser treatment will flush out excess fat cells from your body very quickly.  

For more information on scheduling an appointment with SliMedica, you can visit or call 210-880-0549.

Information courtesy SliMedica

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