How to say goodbye to knee pain

South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital offers knee replacement surgery

SAN ANTONIOAre you tired of living with knee pain all the time?

You can now stop worrying about your joints hurting and start living a normal life again.

The physicians at South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital, use a cutting-edge technology NAVIO Surgical System to perform a robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery with accurate and precise results. 

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Did you know?

According to South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital, there are 30 million Americans who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Dr. Brandon Broome, M.D. from the South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital, said that there is a surge in knee replacements, and that the surgery is one of the highest performed procedures in America right now.

"We use robotic technology NAVIO, the first of it's kind in San Antonio," Broome said. "It helps us to fine tune what we are doing for better results. Our knee replacements should last 30-40 years." 

Speedy Recover Time

Dr. Broome says that his patients get up and walk around a few hours after their surgery to give the new parts a test drive.

"Patients recover so rapidly, that some people go home the day of their surgery or the following morning," Dr. Broome said. 

Knee Pain Seminar

If you have any questions about knee replacement surgery, there will be a Knee Pain Seminar on Thursday, November 9 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital, 18600 N. Hardy Oak Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78258. 

There will be snacks and refreshments at the seminar.

Doctors from the South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital would love to talk to you about their NAVIO Surgical System, and how they can relieve your knee pain.

For more information about the South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital, you can visit SARobicSurgery.com or call 210-361-7409. 

Information courtesy South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital 

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