Food so good it's a crime

Outlaw Kitchen is San Antonio's home away from home

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SAN ANTONIO – Owner’s Paul and Peggy Sartory opened the cozy restaurant to offer great food to their friends and neighbors.

"The opportunity became available to me so I decided to go for it," said Chef Sartory.

Owning a restaurant was Sartory's plan when he retired from the Culinary Institute of America here in San Antonio.

Sartory's wife, Peggy, completely transformed the former beauty salon into the restaurant it is today.

"The original swinging doors became cabinet doors and the front door is now the bathroom door," said Peggy.

Outlaw Kitchens Takeaway Cafe specializes in cooking and serving only one item a day.

Focusing on one dish allows chef Sartory to create deep flavors that feel like a home-cooked meal made with love.

Some of the ingredients they use to cook with are sourced right from their urban farm in the backyard of the building.

The restaurant is a warm, restorative space that makes you feel like your at home.

A home that serves up ice cold beer, delicious desserts, unparalleled food and amazing customer service.

To get more information about Outlaw Kitchens Takeaway Cafe, just head to their website OUTLAW KITCHENS.

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