Looking for a teaching position? Here's how you can get hired

Youth Empowerment Services is hiring effective & passionate teachers

SAN ANTONIOAre you looking to start your career in education?

If you are bold and passionate about teaching students and ensuring they all learn, then Youth Empowerment Services would love to have you be an educator for them!

Questions to ask yourself before you apply to work with Youth Empowerment Services

  • As a new or experienced teacher, are you motivated by the fact that you can change the world one child at a time ?

  • Are you the type of educator who believes that all children can learn with the right kind of effective educator ?

  • Are you willing to go on a dynamic professional journey guaranteed to ensure that you are an effective educator on Day 1 of the 2018-2019 school year?



  • You believe that all students can learn and succeed in college, career, and life

  • You believe that mission and vision are important for achieving goals

  • You demonstrate strong content knowledge for their grades and subject areas

  • You demonstrate grit and perseverance during new and challenging endeavors

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    If you agree with all of the four statements listed above, Youth Empowerment Services wants you to apply!

    "With this process we are seeing a strong and competitive academic environment that is a catalyst for these communities," Edward Givens, Teacher, Youth Empowerment Services said.

    Youth Empowerment Services encourages you to apply for a teaching position if you are the following:

    • A new teacher with a bachelor’s degree by June 2018

    • A teacher with a minimum of one year of experience teaching in a PreK-12 school

    Charter School Districts Hiring

    • George Gervin Youth Center District (San Antonio, TX & Phoenix, AZ)

    • Por Vida Academy Charter High School District (San Antonio, TX & Corpus Christi, TX)

    • Positive Solutions High School District (San Antonio, TX)

    • Southwest Preparatory School District (San Antonio, TX)

    • Texas Serenity Academy (Houston, TX)

    For more information about Youth Empowerment Services, you can learn more at  yeseep.org, call 210-735-2341 and visit their Facebook page @yeseep. 

    Click here to apply now! 

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    Information courtesy Youth Empowerment Services

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