SA Metro Health brings awareness for "World AIDS Day"

Metro Health is offering free HIV testing for everyone in the community


It's never easy to talk about AIDS and STD's, but it does affect a lot of people here in San Antonio.


That's why San Antonio Metro Health is making it easier than ever for you to get prepared and stay safe.


World AIDS Day is on December, 1. 


World AIDS Day was formed to unite people worldwide against the fight against HIV, to show support for those who are living with HIV & AIDS, and to remember those who have died from an AIDS-related illness.


"HIV rates in San Antonio have risen, and it's important for us to come together and make sure that testing is available to those in the community, and it's absolutely free to get tested," said Mildred Offor, HIV Preventative Health Supervisor.


Please come out and get tested. I know it's a difficult subject. We have a welcoming environment, and a very well trained team to provide the testing for you.


- Mildred Offor 


HIV facts in San Antonio

In 2016, Bexar County had 360 new HIV diagnoses.


In addition to newly diagnosed cases, we have roughly 6,000 people living with HIV (rate: 310.4 per 100,000) in Bexar County. 


How can I get tested? 


SA Metro Health has their full schedule of where they will be available for testing at their website www.sanantonio.gov/health.


What does the testing involve?


You can be tested for HIV and syphilis by a prick of your finger to get a blood sample, and to check if you have chlamydia or gonorrhea you will need to give a urine sample.


Don't forget that testing is FREE!


SA Metro Health will also be at the Pegasus, located at 1402 N. Main from 8:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. for testing on December, 1. 

For more information on Worlds AIDS Day and SA Metro Health, you can visit sanantonio.gov/health.

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Information courtesy: San Antonio Metro Health

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