Your ultimate guide to having clear sinuses & saying goodbye to headaches

The American Sinus Institute will help you breathe freely again!

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SAN ANTONIOIf you struggle with constant headaches, snoring, congestion, sinus pressure and may have Sinusitis. 

Help is on the way!!

The American Sinus Institute focuses on helping patients clear their sinuses with the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure which has had tremendous success!

Symptoms & signs of having sinus problems

  • Sinus pressure

  • Sinus pain

  • Frequent sinus infections

"When medications fail to work, patients end up in our office," said Katrina Zeda, PA-C, American Sinus Institute. 

Zeda explains the patient will receive a full evaluation with a CT Scan in order to see if the Balloon Sinuplasty would be the way to go.

Come see us. We'd be happy to help you live a better and healthier life.


- Katrina Zeda

"There are symptoms that people don't associate with sinuses, for example, headaches, trouble sleeping and snoring. People will think it's just a migraine, but they end up being sinus headaches," Zeda said. 

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What is Sinusitis??

According to the American Sinus Institute, Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus lining that prevents normal mucus from draining through the nose.

If you have some of these symptoms, you may have Sinusitis:

  • Snoring

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Sinus pressure and congestion

  • Sinus Headache

  • Facial pain

  • Tenderness and swelling around the eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose

Did you know Sinusitis affects 37 million people each year?

Patient's Successful Story

American Sinus Institute patient, Roman Navaira, said that he was having trouble sleeping at night, and snored like a bear before he had the Balloon Sinulplasty procedure. 


After I had the Balloon Sinulplasty procedure, I could feel the difference immediately. I was breathing a lot easier and slept better. I no longer had sinus pressure, congestion, and headaches. 


- Roman Navaira

Alice, Roman's wife of 52 years, said that she could finally sleep better since she didn't have to nudge him about snoring at night.

F or more information on the American Sinus Institute, you can visit or call 210-225-5666.

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Information courtesy American Sinus Institute

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