Essential tips on how to stay active & healthy over the holidays

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With the holidays approaching and all the scrumptious food and desserts lurking around the house, sometimes it gets a little harder for us to stay as fit.


Gonzaba Medical has some essential tips on how you can be healthy and active this holiday season!


For nearly 60 years, Gonzaba Medical Group has been providing quality healthcare as the healthcare model of the future here in San Antonio for seniors 65 and above. 


Your Essential Go-To Holiday Healthy Tips 


#1 Eat Reasonable Portions.. eat all the veggies you want



A good portion of food should be the size of your fist or smaller. Think of your plate split into 4, each section should be for a different food serving.


When you serve your plate, try to have smaller portions and a good balance of protein and vegetables.


You can eat all the tamales and holiday foods, but keep in mind portion control is the answer-- this will help you feel better about yourself without the discomfort of bloating.


#2 Get Moving A Little More... burn some calories 




Remember that you might need to move around a little more after you eat all the holiday food.


You don't have to hit the gym, but taking a walk around the block to see all the Christmas decorations, or taking your dog on a little longer walk, can help us to stay more active during the holidays.


And of course, there's shopping where you can walk around and take in the sights and sounds.


#3 Stay Social... talk to friends & family



The holidays are really times when we all tend to be a little more social and that's really a good thing for your health.


So try to avoid being alone for the holidays. We all need friends and family to help us stay balanced.


Tell me more about the Gonzaba Medical Group!



Strong65 Program


Gonzaba launched their Strong65 community engagement program with events throughout the community to make it easier for people to stay healthy.


There is even an Event Center on Pleasanton Road where seniors come to partake in activities such as playing bingo, taking painting classes and even yoga classes.  


That engagement carries over into our patient care as well. One of the things that really impressed me when I joined Gonzaba is that our doctors are scheduled to spend more time with patients. That gives us time to really focus on the individuals, and not just treat symptoms in a rushed manner.


- Judy Cantu, M.D. Gonzaba Medical Group

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"For Gonzaba Medical Group, our latest quality of care score is 4.7 on a scale of 5, which is among the highest for any medical group in San Antonio," Dr. Cantu said. 


Extended Open-Enrollment: Dec. 31


For seniors who have Medicare Advantage insurance plans that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the "Open Enrollment" period has been extended to December 31. (Bexar county is included as well)


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