Go Public's Cool Schools Winner: December 2017

Congratulations to Northeast ISD's NESA High School


There's no shortage of talent at Northeast School of the Arts.


"In other places, arts is not accepted, but here we are home," senior Andrea Diaz said.


There are seven majors at the Northeast Independent School District magnet school and auditions to get in the school start in eighth grade.



"There are kids that come from Boerne, New Braunfels, Fair Oaks," Mother, Ariadne Diaz said.


"They make these sacrifices cause they know what NESA has to offer it's an amazing program."


Andrea Diaz and her mother and brother moved to San Antonio from Laredo so she could attend NESA.



The school offers seven majors including musical theater.


"You start off with basic foundation of early on-set theater, then sophomore year, you work into realism, then junior year you get to study Shakespeare--which is a great tool to have,”

Diaz said.


Students from across the city can audition to attend Northeast School of the Arts.



For more information on NESA just go to neisd.net.


Next month, Alamo Heights Independent School District is in the running for the We Go Public Cool School contest.