Set the tone for 2018 with sound therapy

SAN ANTONIO – We all have those stressful moments of yelling in the car or dealing with an angry customer... who always wants to speak to your manager. (Yet, you are the manager.) 

The Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center is a place to go, relax, and leave those moments behind you.

Michael Enderly, Sound Energy Practitioner, uses tuning forks to practice sound therapy at the center. 

"The fork's frequencies help move vibrations through the body to bring alignment, harmony, balance and to clear and cleanse all that we don't need," said Enderly. 

Unlimited Thought provides many ways, including sound therapy, to "help ease the transition as our society shifts from being fear-based to being loved-based." As said on their website, "it is merely our mission to provide the means to assist people in making their own choice on how to expand their consciousness, enrich their lives, and make their own spiritual connection with all that is." 

Not only can you walk out of the store feeling good but you can also walk out with some of their books, kits or other merchandise.  

So set the tone in the New Year and do yourself a favor and RELAX, don't yell, or fight a customer.

Just drive on down to Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center at 5525 Blanco Rd ste 107 San Antonio, TX 78216.

For more information you can visit their website www.unlimited-thought.com 

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