Nature, Friendships & Fitness: Hike it Baby takes on S.A. trails with kids

SAN ANTONIO – It's an instant bond for the "Hike it Baby" group--connecting through nature and their children to take on trails across the city. 

"We're not roughing it on the trails, but we do like to get out and let our 3-year-old roam around,"  Ally Smith said.

The children are so consumed with nature on these hikes that they may not even realize they are exercising too.

"I see bugs that I haven't discovered yet and that's why I love to hike," 8-year-old, Malakai Ward said.

San Antonio branch ambassador, Jennifer Ward. says the goal is to get "mommies, daddies, nannies and grannies outside."

"The ability to just run around and climb on things, jump on things, get outside and we try new parks and usually if we try new parks, we might try a new snack along the way," Ward said "They really enjoy the friendships they make."

There's a $10 annual fee to join the group. For more information, just go to www.HikeItBaby.com.