RECIPE: Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Soup

Superfood ingredients of soup: 
Broccoli: great antioxidant/ low carb veggie = paleo / whole30/ Keto friendly 

Spirulina: green plant algae powder high in protein and B12

Fermented Pesto: adds sour and cheesiness to soup, plus billions of probiotics. Can also use a pinch of sauerkraut. 

Hemp seeds: high in protein and good fats. Also helps to thicken the soup for creamy texture without adding dairy or nuts. 

Nutritional Yeast: fermented yeast high in probiotics that adds a cheesiness to the soup, along with more probiotics. 

Turmeric: anti-inflammatory superfood that absorbs in the body when consumed with a soluble fat (ghee/ hemp in this recipe). coconut oil can be used as a substitute. 

Organic Ghee: lactose free, cholesterol free oil that is nourishing and immunity building. Helps activate the turmeric. 

Chia Seed: powerful source of omega 3,6&9. Chia is also hydrating and has the effect of expanding in the stomach to provide satiation (“feeling full”). 

Broccoli: seasonal veggie/ available at local farmer’s markets/ makes it even better to eat now/ in season = higher in phytonutrients. Great anti-cancer winter vegetable.