Step on the scale and feel confident this year! Here's how you can meet your weight-loss goals

SliMedica guarantees you will lose 4 inches in your first two weeks

SAN ANTONIOThere is finally a way to feel confident once you step on the scale!

If you've been striving to lose some weight and boost your confidence this year, now is the time to visit SliMedica.

Guess what?

At SliMedica, you can burn fat without going to the gym!

Everything You Need to Know About SliMedica 


  • Total transformation medical clinic with trained professionals

  • You are guaranteed to lose 4 inches in your first two weeks

  • You are guaranteed to be successful with your weight loss and beauty goals

  • SliMedica will even take into consideration what types of food you eat and what your lifestyle is like


 Our patients usually lose .5 to 1lb a day and we GUARANTEE 4 inches lost in your first 2 weeks.


~ Alexandrah Castillo, Patient Counselor at SliMedica

What if I want to target a certain area of my body?

SliMedica has a special recipe for patients where they combine medicine and the Zerona Laser weight loss treatment to help them get rid of unwanted fat. 

Castillo said, "It's completely painless and non-invasive, just melting your fat away."

SliMedica (Before & After Pics of Patients)



Rose, a SliMedica patient (shown on the left), lost 49 pounds in just eight weeks trying the weight-loss program.

Danielle (shown to the right) lost 47 pounds and 22 inches overall at SliMedica. 

For more information on SliMedica, you can visit or call 210-361-1480.

SliMedica is located at 14615 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78232. 

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