28 days of heart health! Give your heart a little TLC

February is heart month

SAN ANTONIOIt's time to give your heart a little TLC!

Baptist Health System is helping spread awareness about keeping your body healthy and strong so you can have that quality of life you deserve.


Did You Know: Heart  Disease Remains the #1 Killer of Men & Women in the United States?


There is also a program at Baptist Health System that offers cardiac rehabilitation for patients who have experienced heart-related events.

Cardiologist Dr. Mark Colligan from Baptist Health System said, "The cardiac rehab program is composed of exercise training where patients receive training in a safe environment."

This cardiac rehabilitation program is offered at the Baptist location downtown and at the Stone Oak location, which will be open at the end of the month.

Dr. Colligan said, "This is a phase 2 program and it usually starts within two months after a patient's surgery. It consists of 36 one-hour sessions, three days a week for 12 weeks."



3 benefits of going to a cardiac rehab program


  • Reduced hospital visits.

  • Reduced heart attacks.

  • Quality of life.

  • How do I know if I qualify as a candidate? 

    If you have experienced any of the following events you are qualified to enter into cardiac rehabilitation.

    • C ongestive heart failure.

    • Coronary artery bypass surgery.

    • Stable Angina.

    • Heart attack within a calendar year of the start of cardiac rehab.

    • Angioplasty or stent in a coronary artery.

    • Heart transplant or heart-lung transplant.

    • Heart valve replacement repair.


    28 Days of Heart Smarts 

    Each day in February, you can sign up to receive 28 tips and information to maintain your healthy heart and healthy lifestyle. 

    To sign up for 28 Days of Heart Smarts, you can visit Baptist Health System at BHShearts.com or call 833-277-5999.

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    Information courtesy: Baptist Health System

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