C-WUH? New technology helps ball players increase their hitting effectiveness

C-WUH stands for "C WHAT U R HITTING"

SAN ANTONIOIf you’re looking for a way to help your softball or baseball players swing, there's a brand new technology that will increase their batting averages! 

Steve Valadez, Inventor of C-WUH, made a training aid on helmets called "C-WUH" to help improve batters hitting performances for both softball and baseball. 

What does C-WUH stand for? ⚾

(See What You Are Hitting) 

Valadez said, "It is designed to allow the batter to focus on the ball narrowing down their field of vision. We actually made it for my daughter. That’s where C-WUH started."

C-WUH will fit any helmet ⚾

The face-mask provides a narrow field of vision to help the batter focus on the baseball or softball.

"The purpose of C-WUH is to help baseball and softball players make contact with the ball," said Valadez. 

Both right-handed and left-handed hitters can use the device.  

Aaliyah Ortiz, Southwest High School sophomore, said, "I think it’s amazing; it helps me a lot personally. It helps me keep my eyes down to focus on the ball." 


I’ve been using it for a month. C-WUH has definitely helped me make more contact with the ball and I've helped my team out more," said Ortiz. 

To order a C-WUH hitting training apparatus, you can visit c-wuh.com or call 210-920-5984.  

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Information courtesy of C-WUH. 

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