Spring break is almost here! Shed pounds without hitting the gym

SliMedica guarantees you will lose 4 inches in your first two weeks

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SAN ANTONIOSpring break season is almost here!

If you're lucky enough to get away for a trip, now is the time to think about getting that rocking body you deserve.  

SliMedica will help you get a total body transformation, making sure you feel and look fabulous.

SliMedica's secret recipe

SliMedica is a total transformation medical clinic with trained professionals who will treat you with medical assessments to make sure you're successful with your weight loss and beauty goals.

Alexandrah Castillo, SliMedica patient counselor, said, "Spring break is in two weeks. That's enough time to get those stubborn inches off your arms, stomach, thighs and legs." 

The Zerona Laser at SliMedica

"Our program is tailored to each individual," Castillo said. "It's not a one size fits all." 

The Zerona Laser is completely painless and noninvasive. It melts away your fat with no recovery time.

You can even visit SliMedica during your lunch break. It takes about 30 minutes per session with the Zerona Laser. 

"There's no cutting or anesthesia," Castillo said. 

Before & after photo of SliMedica patients



Castillo said, "On average we see patients lose half a pound to a pound per day."

Other services available at SliMedica

  • Weight-loss solutions

  • Facial services

  • Laser treatments

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy



To schedule your consultation with SliMedica, you can visit slimedica.com or call 210-361-1480.

SliMedica is located at 14615 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, TX 78232. 

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Information courtesy of SliMedica. 

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