A new chicken sandwich and a new kitchen add flare to local chicken joint

David Elder takes you inside Cullum's Attagirl

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio chef and restaurateur Chris Cullum is adding new items to his menu at Cullum’s Attagirl - like the OG chicken sandwich.

The chicken on the sandwich is breaded and dredged in their blend of flour and seasonings.

The potato bread for the sandwich gets imported by Martin's bakery in New York.

"We make our own bread, but I wanted to do something different," Cullum said.

It is buttered and toasted and covered in their house-made sauce.

"It's a bright, neon yellow sauce that we call the Neon trailer sauce," Cullum said.

The bottom of the sandwich gets a heaping portion of house-made slaw sprinkled with poppy seeds.

"People don't typically order the slaw, but now we can't keep up with it," Cullum said.

The fried chicken is seasoned as soon as it comes out of the fryer with salt, pepper and a secret blend of spices.


The chicken gets covered in honey and a generous portion of lemon butter thyme sauce.

A seasoned, crispy fried egg adds more texture and flavor to the already flavor-packed sandwich.

Freshly chopped chives, more secret sauce, and poppy seeds complete this mesmerizing mouth-watering masterpiece.

The sandwich isn’t the only new addition to this local chicken joint.

A new two-piece fried chicken combo is now on the menu that gets topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese and cured egg yolks.

All of these tasty new food items get cranked out of the newly installed kitchen that Cullum called, "the kitchen of my dreams."

The restaurant is still serving up classics like their fried bologna sandwich and pouring up pints of specialty craft beer.

Cullum’s Attagirl is no longer just a wing spot - they’re a full-fledged chicken joint frying up some of if not the best chicken in the Alamo city.

To get more information on Cullum’s Attagirl, just head to their Facebook page.

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