Evil doppelgängers! How to keep kids safe from poisons

South Texas Poison Center hotline number is 1-800-222-1222


Be on the lookout for these evil doppelgängers (lookalikes) especially if you have kids running around the house! 


Mandy Fultz, Safe Kids Project Coordinator at University Health System, said, "If your child isn’t of reading age certain cleaning products may confuse them. Cabinet locks are great, but they are not always childproof."


We have all of these cleaning products at home, but some of them may look like something entirely different if you're a child. 


What products do I need to keep an eye on?


If you have kids, and even pets around the house, who find themselves being mischievous, cleaning products are very dangerous and even poisonous if consumed.  


Check the following items that look similar to foods children might like: 

  • Containers
  • Packaging/labels
  • Bottle sizes
  • Brightly colored packages

Examples of evil doppelgängers: 

  • Windex/Gatorade
  • Pine-Sol/apple juice
  • Mothballs/marshmallows
  • Comet/Parmesan cheese 

Fultz explained, "We want to keep poisonous containers up and out of sight. A child may be tempted to climb and reach these items that look like food, " Fultz said. 


What happens if a child ingests something dangerous?


"If a child ingests something and they are acting normal you want to make sure you call the poison hotline at 1-800-222-1222. If your child is not responsive and acting properly you need to call 911," Fultz said. 


For more information, you can visit universityhealthsystem.com/services/injury-prevention or call 210-358-4295.



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Information courtesy of University Health System. 

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