Subway for Sushi Lovers

Local Sushi & Poke Restaurant Opens New Location

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio’s ‘Subway of sushi’ is now available at a second, more centralized, location by North Star Mall.

Rolling Fish owner Eric Chan opened Hula Poke, a new sushi and poke spot, because of the significant demand and volume at the original location.

“People are coming from other cities like Austin to visit San Antonio for the poke," said Chan.

The new location brings new menu items and add-ons -  like hot Cheetos, broccoli and miso soup.

"We added Hot Cheetos and fresh jalapeños. I also made a new sauce called the 'spicy house classic,'" said Chan.

All of the ingredients are cut and prepared fresh. The sauces and the miso soup are unique recipes that get made in-house.

“Sushi is really established in San Antonio so (people) are used to fresh fish," said Chan.

Don’t like fish? No problem.

Hula Poke has non-fish options like chicken wraps and vegetarian tofu bowls made with brown rice.

Chan has big plans for the restaurant chain - including more locations coming soon.

If you love sushi, chicken, tofu, or just enjoy great food - stop by after a stroll through the mall. It’s fast, inexpensive and delicious with authentic flavors.

To get more information on Hula Poke, just head to their Facebook page.

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