Big Adventure March: Sea World

Mike swims with a Beluga Whale on SA Live

SAN ANTONIO – Mike goes to Sea World for The Big Adventure to swim with the adorable Beluga Whales.

Did you know!? 

These vocal beauties are actually born a dark gray color and it takes them up to EIGHT years to turn the white color they are known for. 

They can change the shape of their bulbous forehead just by blowing air around their sinuses, how CRAZY is that!

Unlike other sea creatures, the Beluga whale's head is not fused together with it's body so it gives them the capability to turn it's head side to side and upside down. 

Beluga Whales swim in the ice COLD covered arctic and subarctic waters. BRRRRRR! 

Even though they have teeth, these Belugas swallow their prey WHOLE! 

They are very social and love traveling in their pods (groups). 

They are the smallest species of whales BUT they weigh around 2,000-3,000 lbs! Holy cow! 


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