Invest in solar and SAVE up to 80-90% a year on your energy bill!

Switch to solar and get $0 down payments at South Texas Solar Systems

SAN ANTONIOThe summer heat is just around the corner! 

Before you know it, Fiesta will be over and the bursts of rigorous heat in South Texas will hit us.

As every Texan knows, our energy bills go through the roof when we start getting to the dog days of summer...

Now is the time to invest in your future and SLASH your energy bills in HALF by switching to solar.


South Texas Solar Systems, Inc. (a KSAT Local Expert) is a full-service solar energy provider that constantly strives to provide the best in class service and products in the San Antonio area.

Hear from a South Texas Solar Systems customer who SAVED up to 80-90% by switching to solar!


Quyhn Hyunh, a South Texas Solar Systems customer, said, "For a majority of the year, the solar covers 100% of my electricity. I'm saving at least 80-90% of what I used to annually on my energy bill."

Below are photos of Quyhn's house with the solar panels.


Why pay a crazy amount of money on your energy bill when you can invest in solar?

"They are a great company that works pretty fast. I recommend anyone that asks to get a quote from South Texas Solar Systems," Hyunh said.

CPS Energy rebates are still offered!

"CPS Energy now has a $.70 Per Watt Rebate for solar. Right now is the best time to take advantage of this offer," said Dan Moran, vice president of marketing and sales at South Texas Solar Systems.

Get your FREE quote today at South Texas Solar Systems and have a representative help you answer the following questions:

✔️ How much money will I save by switching to solar?

✔️ Does my home qualify for their "No Down Payment & $500 Cash Back Program"?

✔️ Does my home have optimal solar coverage?

Below is an example of a CPS Energy bill after a customer switched to solar.



To get your free quote at South Texas Solar Systems, you can visit stxsolarsystems.com/ksat or call 210-829-5420.

South Texas Solar Systems is located at 10203 Kotzebue (Suite 224), San Antonio, TX 78217. 

Be sure to follow SA Live on Facebook @SALiveKSAT and Twitter @SALiveKSAT for the latest updates!

Information courtesy of South Texas Solar Systems.

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