FUN and FESTIVE men's fashion

Barbacoa Apparel struts their stuff on SA Live

SAN ANTONIO – It's Fiesta! No one wants to be tied up in suit wear eating chicken on a stick and throwing back a cold one. 

Barbacoa Apparel has what you need with their fun, festive, comfortable t-shirts! And what compliments a T-shirt more then a cool pin!? Nothing. 

The pins they have created are some of my favorite! Especially the crispy dog pin. I don't know about y'all but I remember when my mom didn't know what to make and just threw together a corn tortilla, added some cheese and a hot dog wiener to make the perfect crispy dog, they were amazing. YUM! 

All in all, Barbacoa Apparel makes you reminisce on San Antonio's traditions, language, food and more.

For more information on the trendy business click here for their website.