Now That's Some Spicy Ramen!

Nama Ramen Introduces A Spicy New Ramen & Sushi To Their Menu

SAN ANTONIO – Nama Ramen is one of the best original ramen shops in San Antonio - and now owner Kevin Chu is introducing new items to the menu like their spicy beef ramen.

The ramen gets made with a spicy oil base - unctuous steamy pork broth.

A mound of marinated sliced ribeye gets placed on top of the ramen.

Shiitake mushrooms, a soft-boiled egg, green onions, dried red chili threads and sesame seeds finish it off.

Their ramen recently won them the people’s choice award at the 2018 Zoo La-La and continues to attract new customers.

“If you look at what our ramen started out like back in 2015 to now - it's really, truly evolved,” said Chu.

Also new to their menu - a western influenced take on sushi.

Their sushi gets cut, and prepared fresh in-house and some of the new nigiri on the menu gets seared.

The ramen house also has finger foods like their bonito flaked okonomiyaki fries.

Their steam buns get filled with Japanese bbq sauce, pickle, and a panko breaded curry beef katsu patty.

Of course, you should come for the ramen - but also prepare yourself to indulge in the unique menu items that make Nama one of the best restaurant treasures in San Antonio.


Nama Ramen is located at 6565 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249.

To get more information about Nama Ramen, just head to their Facebook page.

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