SAVE some CASH while you put out the trash

Dial 3-1-1 to switch to a smaller cart


Taking the time to separate your trash could save you some cash!


You can get a smaller brown cart and pay a smaller trash fee.


It’s all a part of the City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Cart downsizing program.



"For downsizing, you can save money and it’s easier to handle and store," said Uzair Iqbal, City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management.


Everything you need to know about downsizing to a smaller cart 


  • Large brown cart -- $22.44 (96 gallons)
  • Medium brown cart -- $19.69 (64 gallons)
  • Small brown cart -- $17.69 (48 gallons) 


"The less we put out in the landfills the better for our San Antonio sustainability," Iqbal said.


What cart do I use? 


  • Brown cart  -- TRASH only
  • Green cart -- ORGANIC material
  • Blue -- RECYCLABLES 


All you have to do is dial is 3-11 to save some cash while you put out your trash and downsize.


For more information, visit http://www.sanantonio.gov/swmd


Information courtesy of City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department.

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