Summer DIY Sweets and Drinks

Fischer & Wieser show off their variety of treats.

SAN ANTONIO – Fischer & Wieser started with peaches and now serve it all.

Some of their summer favorites that they brought on the show were a Peach Sangria, a great Ceviche and some Ice Cream topped with Bourbon Sauce and a Charred Peach.

Fischer & Wieser is based in Fredericksburg and is dedicated to serving the best possible product. As it states on their website:

From the farm to your family table, we are dedicated to creating exciting, delicious, and innovative gourmet products with unique flavor combinations to inspire your culinary adventure, as we have done for the last 47 years! We are passionate about supporting your love of good food and shared experiences with our award-winning cooking sauces, salsas, jams, jellies, appetizers, pasta sauces, soups, meal starters and so much more that bring your recipes to life for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones.

Fischer & Wieser products are available in grocery stores and for order online, or you can visit their store in Fredericksburg for a tasty summer adventure.