This Century-Old Meat Market Is Bad To The Bone

David Elder Takes You Inside Bolner's Meat Market

SAN ANTONIO – Bolner's Meat Market is one of the oldest meat markets in San Antonio celebrating 104 years of business.

The store has a wide variety of produce, meats, jerky and beer making it, "A one-stop shop," according to market manager Joe Doria.

Richard Bolner, a third-generation owner, welcomes new customers to try their products and see what makes them a cut above big box stores in the Alamo City.

"Some people are born to be actors, musicians or singers. We're just born to be in the meat business," said Bolner.


Here are a few tips to grilling a great steak by market manager Joe Doria:

1. Always wash your hands and use clean utensils

2. Use good, sharp utensils

3. When determining if the steak is good - When in doubt, throw it out

4. Cook all steaks to at least a 135°F internal temperature

5. Demand to have the freshest meat available

6. Season and salt your steaks to your preference


Bolner's Meat Company is located at 2900 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204.

To get more information on the store, just head to their website.


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