Get that summer body! Lose 4 inches in 2 weeks

SliMedica patients are guaranteed to see drastic results over 4 weeks

SAN ANTONIOSummer is here and now is the time to get that beach body you've always wanted! 

SliMedica is helping you shed pounds quicker and easier than ever -- without hitting the gym.

You can have your fat painlessly melted away with the Zerona Laser. 


SliMedica is a total transformation medical clinic that treats each patient with quality care and thorough medical assessments to ensure you’re successful with your weight loss.

"We have a special recipe for weight loss where we help our patients lose around half a pound to a pound a day," said Alexandrah Castillo, patient counselor at SliMedica.  

Patients are guaranteed to see drastic results over the course of four weeks!

Before and after photos of SliMedica patients:


Six steps to weight loss at SliMedica:

1: Come in for a consultation at SliMedica.
2: Medical professionals will 
run a thorough analysis to determine which program works best for your needs.
3: Nutritionists will create a customized nutrition plan for you.
4: Prescription medication plans will be made available.
5: Visit SliMedica three times a week for 40-minute sessions under the Zerona Laser.

6: Look and feel fabulous after the weight loss treatment is complete!

For more information on SliMedica, you can visit slimedica.com or call 210-361-1480. 



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Information courtesy of SliMedica. 

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