Eliminate 75-100% of your electric bill with solar!

South Texas Solar Systems: Go solar for $0 down & no payments for 3 months


SAN ANTONIOWith the summer heat in Texas, now is the time to invest in a solar panel system on your home!

The perks of a solar panel system will save you money and eliminate 75-100% of your electric bill. 

That means more money for some summer fun! 

"It’s very easy for the customer," said Dan Moran, vice president of marketing for South Texas Solar Systems. "It’s a turnkey operation."


Four reasons to go solar with South Texas Solar Systems 


  • Start with $0 down
  • 30% federal tax credit
  • No payments for three months
  • $0.68 per watt rebate

    Pictured above: Homes with solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems.


    Customer review: South Texas Solar Systems


    South Texas Solar Systems mission is to provide clean, renewable energy to businesses and homes, while achieving their goals of investment.


    "Before the solar panel installation, my electric bill was about $150-200 a month," said Molly Rosa, customer, South Texas Solar Systems. "Now it’s zero except for July and August."


    Pictured above: Homes with solar panels from South Texas Solar Systems.


    "I got numerous bids and they (South Texas Solar Systems) were the lowest," Rosa said. "I’ve had a good experience with them all around."


    South Texas Solar Systems services:


    • Off-grid solar
    • Commercial solar
    • Residential solar
    • Solar HVAC
    • Solar maintenance

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    For more information about South Texas Solar Systems, visit www.stxsolarsystems.com/Ksat/ or call 210-405-8628. 


    Information courtesy of South Texas Solar Systems.

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