Breakfast Tacos and Donuts in one spot? It's real!

David Elder Takes You Inside The Original Donut Shop

SAN ANTONIO – The Original Donut Shop has been cranking out delicious donuts and award-winning tacos in San Antonio since 1954.

The store operates like a well-oiled machine, with most of the employees coming in as early as midnight to make the dough for the next day.

One of the employees has been working here for over 30 years.

"We have a young lady whose name is Olga Diaz, who's been here for over 30 years as our cashier. She works part-time for us, about three days a week, and we all enjoy having her here," said Bookkeeper Mary Ramirez.

Their popular donuts fly off the shelf as quickly as they get made. 

Each donut gets particular attention with frying and icing to make sure they get made to perfection.

Sprinkles, pink icing, cinnamon rolls - the original donut shop offers everyone’s favorite traditional donut hot and fresh.

"It took me a while to discover the donut shop, but there is always a crowd on Fredericksburg Road so it had to be good," said one customer.

This donut shop isn’t just known for their fried, sugary sweets.

They also crank out award-winning breakfast tacos made with freshly rolled tortillas and hot-out-the-pot toppings.

"Every lunch, every break, I come and get tacos. It's very delicious and I've been coming here for five years," said one customer.

The Original Donut Shop is a San Antonio treasure and one of, if not, the best, places to get delicious traditional donuts and outstanding breakfast tacos.

The Original Donut Shop is located at 3307 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201.

To get more information about the restaurant, just head to their Facebook page.


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