Beneficial energy SAVING tips for summer

65% of the energy consumed in the average U.S. home is from air conditioning



It feels like 100 in San Antonio already and that means your AC is working overtime!


Did you know that 65% of the energy consumed in the average U.S. home is from air conditioning and heating?



Will Fix It is here to make sure you save money and know the benefits of AC maintenance.


How often should I have my HVAC system checked?


"We recommend having the system maintained twice a year," said Ken Price, HVAC sales manager. "We recommend having the tune-up in the fall and spring to make sure the (HVAC) system is ready for the extreme temperatures."


*HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 


CPS Energy offers a Home Energy Rebate Program for homeowners


CPS has a rebate program that encourages homeowners to replace their HVAC system before it breaks down.



According to CPSEnergy.com, the CPS Energy rebate for a central air conditioner is $115-$310.


Save $ by controlling your AC on your smartphone 


Will Fix It recommends customers use the Nest thermostat to stay comfortable, conserve energy and save money. 


Benefits of Nest:

  • Pays for itself in two years or less
  • Turns the AC down when you're away
  • Control it from any smart device


"With Nest, it makes sure your (AC) system is efficient," Price said.

"If you leave the house and you forgot to turn off the AC, you can go onto your phone with an application and manage the temperature without being in the house."


New HVAC System from Will Fix It comes with the following:

  • Whole home air cleaner - $1,500 value
  • Nest Thermostat & Protect - $700 value
  • Energy Evaluation – FREE 
  • Total savings – up to $2,200!

Do you know someone who needs a new AC but can't afford one?


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