Free breast cancer Survivorship Series

Baptist Health System, June 26 at 6 pm; North Central Baptist Hospital


If you’re battling breast cancer, you don’t have to be alone.


There is a series of free seminars coming up with Baptist Health System to provide answers and resources for young women going through treatments and recovery. 


"I work with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer from the time of diagnosis all the way through survivorship," said Andrea Kassem, nurse navigator. 


"I’m there to empower women with education so they can go through their treatment as active participants in their treatment journey," Kassem said.


Breast cancer survivor opens up about her recovery

Molly, a breast cancer survivor and Baptist Health patient, got diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. 


"Andrea introduced me to all the best doctors in San Antonio, and to other women who had breast cancer," said Molly. "I was able to meet other people and know I’m not alone."



If you are interested in getting guidance in your breast cancer journey or know someone who has been diagnosed, the Survivorship Series is free and open to the public. 


Survivorship Series for young women 

  • Date: June 26
  • Time: 6 p.m.
  • Location: North Central Baptist Hospital
  • To RSVP, call 210-730-9620
  • Free gift at each session!
  • Andrea's email is alkassem@baptisthealthsystem.com 

For more information, visit baptisthealthsystem.com.

Information courtesy of Baptist Health System.


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