Bring solar power home & SAVE big!

CAM Solar can help homeowners save money and become energy independent

SAN ANTONIOIt's finally feeling like summer in south Texas and San Antonio!

Are you ready to save money on your electric bill and add value to your home?

CAM Solar can help you save big on your energy bills each month.

Everything you need to know about CAM Solar

Founded in San Antonio, CAM Solar provides a brighter future for our local community through green initiatives, community involvement and trustworthy customer service.

"If your house doesn't need the energy from the sun, it’ll go back to the utility company and they will give you credits so you can use them later on," said Daniel Moyer, Chief Operating Officer at CAM Solar. 

Solar energy can help homeowners save money, save the planet and become energy independent by installing solar electric systems.


Examples of CAM Solar installations 


San Antonio metro area CAM Solar recent installations map



Environmental benefits of switching to solar 

Three benefits of going solar 

1. Rebates and incentives are available from CPS Energy 💸

2. Solar has an excellent return on investment ☀️

3. Build a GREENER San Antonio 🌳

Be sure to give CAM Solar a call to discuss how they can turn your home or business into a money-saving, energy efficient oasis.

For more information, visit or call 210-227-3456. 

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Information courtesy of CAM Solar. 

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