Harness the power of the sun with solar energy this summer

"Save money, save the planet and become energy independent," said Daniel Moyer.


SAN ANTONIO – We know that solar energy can help you save money on your bills, but what are the other benefits?

Solar energy offers environmental and health benefits on the local and global level.

Did you know there are almost 9,000 solar jobs just in Texas? 

"Solar helps you save money, save the planet and become energy independent," said Daniel Moyer, CAM Solar CEO.

Within the span of 30 years, a single solar panel system will have an incredible benefit on the environment in several ways:

  • 3,030 trees will be planted
  • 22 cars will be taken off the road for a year
  • .6 railcars of coal will not be burned
  • 41 tons of waste will be recycled rather than being in a landfill 
  • 1.6 tanker trucks of gasoline will not be burned

Give back with CAM Solar

During the month of July, CAM Solar will be giving back $20 for every kilowatt installed to a choice of one of three local charities.

CAM Solar customers will then choose from The Children's Shelter of San Antonio, San Antonio Pets Alive or Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas as the recipient of the donation. 

Get your free solar evaluation here from CAM Solar. 

For more information about CAM Solar, visit gocamsolar.com or call 210- 227-3456. 

Information courtesy of CAM Solar.

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