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David Elder Takes You Inside Künstler Brewing

SAN ANTONIO – Künstler Brewing is one of San Antonio’s newest artisanal craft brewpubs cranking out new twists on traditional beers.

Nestled within a small neighborhood on the South Side of San Antonio - the brewery feels like a hidden treasure - a place that even though is on the map - feels like you discovered it.

Vera Deckard is the Head Brewer / mad scientist and owner of this brewpub.

The brewery started back in 2011. Vera’s husband was in Afghanistan serving in the military. To surprise him, Vera bought a large home brew kit and a few books on brewing for him to experiment with when he got home. But then, Vera had a better idea.

"I called my son over and said, 'We're going to brew.'."

The first batch wasn't great.

"It was absolutely crappy. We brewed a second batch, and that was crappy too."

Vera kept brewing until it tasted just right.

"We ended up brewing a five-gallon batch, and that was actually quite good."

Vera fell in love with brewing and moved from home brew to pro brew last October.

"It was kinda like 'Breaking Bad' around here. We were either going to tone it down a bit or go pro."

Now - we all get to indulge in Vera's delicious beer recipes. Highlights from their beer selection include the Coffee Tejano Porter, Pampelmuse Ale, Johnny Rye Ale and Slow Down Pale Ale.

Feeling hungry? The brewpub also serves up food.

Their Wisconsin sourced hot pretzels served with southwest pimento cheese, and deli mustard makes the perfect beer grub.

They also make a killer smoked ham sandwich using ham from the Swine House and a charcuterie board assembled with locally sourced meats and delicious cheeses.

Künstler Brewing is a gold mine for beer enthusiasts and people looking to watch their favorite sports game in a dog-friendly, unique environment.

Künstler Brewing is located at 302 E Lachapelle, San Antonio, TX 78204.

To get more information on the Brewery, head to their website.

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